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Apostle Wesley M. Taylor, Sr., DD &
Mother Phyllis M. Taylor

Apostle Taylor pastors the Calvary Temple COOLJC in Petersburg, VA and is presently the overseer of Region IV and the Virginia Southern Diocese of the Churches Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Mother Taylor is the Regional, Diocese and Local First Lady and Church Mother. Bishop and Mother Taylor are also the "Biological" parents of Elder Wesley M. Taylor, Jr., Pastor of CPM.

Calvary Temple is the "Mother Church" of CPM and without its existence, CPM would not be in existence today.  Calvary Temple is a progressive, spirit-filled, community based church that believes and stands firmly on the "WORD of GOD" as it is written. This church was founded by Bishop Taylor in July, 1965 and today, it has become one of the most recognized churches throughout Virginia and in many other states.

We give glory and honor to God for allowing our "Spiritual Parents" to have such an impact in our lives and in the lives of others.  Through perseverance, prayer and supplication, Pastor and Mother Taylor and the Calvary Temple Church family have been blessed above measures and while God is still performing wondrous works in this ministry, CPM prays continuous blessings upon them and in all of their endeavors.  We LOVE YOU Bishop & Mother Taylor!

Calvary Pentecostal |  19140 Brook Grove Ct.   | Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Phone: (301) 528-4063 | Facebook: Calvary Pentecostal