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Pastor Taylor's Weekly Blog
Wednesday, September 19 2012
Our private mirrors get the TRUTH from us!  That's for Sure!   We don’t dress up to get into the Mirror, we get into the mirror to dress up so that we can get an accurate assessment of what we put on.  What is sure, is that our mirror will not lie to us, and we can't lie to it.  That is the wonderful thing (sometimes) about our mirror; it will reflect what we present to it.  So it is with the Word of God, the Mirror of our souls.  When we hold up our lives to the Word, it will reflect either compliance or non-compliance; no grey area.  But, just as a regular mirror does, it waits paitiently for us to come back so that we can see if we have made adjustments.  Another good thing is that it accepts us right where we are; but it does not adjust to us; we have to adjust to it!  Have you ever tried to get dressed without a mirror?  If you have, then you probably could identify with the fact that we miss some key things.  Our tie might be crooked, our shirt might be stained and a host of other possible things.  Conversely, have you ever heard anyone say " I want to get myself together before I come to Church”?   Well, trying to get yourselves together before you come to Church is the equivalent of trying to get dressed without the aid of a mirror.  What is the need for the mirror (God's Word), if you can get dressed without it's assistance?  Just a thought.......
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